Welcome to the official, insanely funky website for The Final Clause of Tacitus. Here we will keep you updated with all our gig dates and goings on plus pictures and music as soon as we have them, available here FIRST. The official TFCoT T-Shirt is available now on the store page too!

Stay Funky Guys!

It's out!  

The EP released on Friday and you can get it basically anywhere online that you would expect. Have a listen. It's really good. If you like it then come and see us play. Click here to see our tour dates. Hope to see some of you soon. If we don't then we'll just think that you don't like us and you wouldn't want us to think that now would you?....Would you!?

Keep being funky.

Then the first review came in. 

With the EP finished and set to hit stores on 9th Feb, we have been busy pushing it into the hands of the media. Critics, reviewers, magazines, ezines. The lot. The shear amount of music these people get sent on a daily basis is staggering, which means it always takes longer than you want to actually get stuff reviewed. So we have been doing what we do best and going out gigging around the UK to keep our minds occupied - waiting for reviews to come in is stressful work!

Then the first review came in.

We love our most recent EP. But hell, everyone loves their own work. If you don't, you're not doing it right. Doesn't mean other people have to like it. Anyway, the first review came in and you can see it here (opens in new window). Spoiler alert, it got 5 stars.

This has creaked opened the flood gates and reviews are now trickling in and we hope that they only get opened further as every review so far has given it the highest of accolades they can. Two have even stated it is the best EP of the year, happily stating this even though it is only January. 

We will post the reviews on our Facebook page so keep your eyes open and as always, thanks to all our fans for supporting us.

The time is nearly here...  

TFCoT are back into the studio over at Creative Control with Al Heslop to record our second EP 'Not Like The Rest' and we couldn't be more excited. We have 6 new tracks to get you all funked up ready for the new year. Keep an eye out for more details to follow... 

With only a few more live shows left to play this year, make sure you check out our 'shows' section or follow us on Bands In Town by clicking here. http://bandsintown.com/TheFinalClauseOfTacitus?came_from=174 

Our last show of the year will be a local one on 24th November at the Lyndhurst in Reading, playing a very special intimate show to celebrate the anniversary of the venue. This night is going to go OFF!!

Biggest update yet! 

Well, it's good to have the time to give everyone an update as we have several exciting bits of news to announce.

First off, since Luke left and Daryl boldly took his place, we have had ourselves a busy summer of gigging and getting him up to speed. It is always an uneasy time when a new member joins, but we have been well received in every venue we have played in (thanks to everyone who came to watch us btw) and we are now as good as ever - at least we think so!

This, by the by, brings me quite conveniently onto the second bit of news. During the very short time that Daryl has been with us, we have managed to write a whole new set of songs and are very pleased to announce that we will be going back into the studio later this year to record them. We will be bringing you a new 6 track EP that will hopefully light your funk on fire and also hopefully take us to the next stage of our master plan of musical world domination. The funk needs to be brought back to the masses and we'll be damned if it's not us to bring it. It is still early days as we will expect to release it in the new year, but we like to keep all you lot up to date.

Lastly, during our summer of gigs, we finally managed to find the time to film our next music video! We will be releasing it to our fans as soon as it is finished so keep yourselves clued in if you want to be among the first to watch it. We will be expecting to make the final releases of our first EP - Peace in Chaos - throughout the final months of this year to make way for our next one.

Anyway, here's a huge thanks to all the festivals, venues, promoters and other bands we played with over the summer. It's been good fun working with you all.

As for you lot, stay funky and make sure you eat your vegetables.

Moving forward, one funky foot at a time… 

Sorry we have been a bit quiet here at TFCoT central, but we have been busy behind the scenes. As you have now heard Luke has made the decision he can no longer continue with the band and we fully support him in everything for the future. We have been hard at work training up our new drummer Daryl Malloy , so we will be ready for our first show with Daryl on 8th July at Basingstoke Live festival. We have two shows left with Luke, being this Friday as we headline Maidenheads Anchor Rocks Fest and then on Saturday when we play Minety Festival. Make sure you come down and show your support for these last two shows with Luke. 

Secondly, we have not one but TWO music videos in the making from our debut EP ‘Peace in Chaos’, which is still available for download on all the usual platforms. So, watch this space! 

Lastly we have a new T-shirt design out now, available to buy from our website or at any of our shows which can keep track of at http://bandsintown.com/TheFinalClauseofTacitus 

Stay funky! – Matt, Tom, Andy and Daryl.

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