Welcome to the official, insanely funky website for The Final Clause of Tacitus. Here we will keep you updated with all our gig dates and goings on plus pictures and music as soon as we have them, available here FIRST. The official TFCoT T-Shirt is available now on the store page too!

Stay Funky Guys!

April Update 

Good day you crazy funkers! 

We have had an amazing crazy fun couple of months! 

We recorded 4 tracks as a live studio recording, with 3 of them now up on soundcloud for your listening pleasure, and 1 more to come VERY soon. We have played some great shows with great bands and an even more great audience who have shown us such fantastic support – so thanks to everyone who has put us on a show, come down to watch a show or just given some words of encouragement. 

We have also had some great artwork done for our tracks, including some special edition stickers and a mini rooftop photo shoot which can be found in the pictures section. Go feast your eyes. Thanks to Francesca Cascalheira for all your hard work on these. You can take a look at her online portfolio HERE to keep an eye on her amazing work. 

We have also had a little break while our bassist went to sun himself up for a couple weeks and now we are getting back on the funkercoaster. With some new material coming and many more shows being booked for the year ahead, so keep an eye out HERE for our future gigs or follow us on bandsintown.com to get updated with each show. 

See you all soon. 


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