Our Story

From Reading UK hail, the “contagiously energetic,” The Final Clause of Tacitus. For fans of Rage Against the Machine and The Red Hot Chili Peppers, but there's no question this is something new and exciting, If you don't know yet, that is hard aggressive rock intertwined with moments of serenity and a heavy sprinkling of funk! You can't help but enjoy yourself! 

In the first 8 Months of gigging they had already started making a name for themselves with their explosive energetic live performances, which saw them gaining support slots for such acts as ‘Crazytown’, 'Electric 6' and the ‘Kamikaze Test Pilots’, and also being invited to play the Skindred after party.  Now, over 1 year in and only getting stronger, they are enjoying continuous praise for their first EP - Peace In Chaos, which received great reviews from many critics and radio shows including Kerrang! They are now preparing to release their next one. 

When asked about how they write they answered, “We write songs based on what first excited us about music. Bands these days forget that they are entertainers first and musicians second. When we go to a gig we want to forget ourselves and get lost in the moment so we hold ourselves to that ideal for our fans. Nothing less than that will do.” 

Remember why music excited you all over again, and let’s get funked up! 

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People often wonder where the name comes from, but to this day TFCOT has never told anyone and apparently doesn't intend to...bastards.

The Final Clause of Tacitus started gigging in february 2016 with a energetic powerful live perfomace. You can use the contact tab to get hold of us or alterntively email tfcot99@gmail.com